What will happen if you do not get majority & At a glance of Uk Elections ?

No party has achieved a single majority in the United Kingdom election results so far. Then answered questions on how to form the government BBC Online

Which party is the most MP, will that party form the government?

It should not be so, it is not. After the counting of all 650 parliamentary votes in the parliament, the majority of the MPs elected from the party were generally declared the winners. The leader of that party almost always became the next prime minister.
But if any party does not get a clear majority then it can not be. The team that is in second place, the team can form the government with the assistance of another team.
Labor leader Jeremy Kellyin outside his home this morning. Photo: Reuters
When a party wins?

The easiest way to become a Prime Minister is to achieve the majority of the lower house of parliament, House of Commons. The majority of the MPs elected from the party are the majority party. A party can formally form the government if it wins 326 seats and can introduce new legislation in parliament. If no other party is single, then it will be ‘hanging parliament’.
After the election, Prime Minister Theresa May came out of the Conservative Party’s headquarters in London. Photo: Reuters
What is hanging parliament?
When a party does not get adequate MPs to achieve a single majority, then the uncertain situation exists in the formation of parliament as a ‘hanging parliament’. This was done in the 2010 general election.

A poster of his own party in the window outside Jeremy Kelly’s house. Photo: Reuters
What will happen if hanging parliament?

In this situation, the current ruling Conservative Party will remain in power until the new government is formed and will live in Theresa May Downing Street.
At this stage, the meeting will be held between the leaders of the party. They will try to form a coalition government. In that case, the conservative party may be formed by the leader of the Conservative Party, Theresa May or Labor Party leader Jeremy Kehlin.
Or the leader of a group of two groups can form a minor minority government on the basis of the support of the other smaller parties. Here is the necessary legal approval issue.

Who will get the opportunity to form this kind of coalition government?

Theresa may get the opportunity to form government first in May. During this discussion, he will be in power as the Prime Minister. But it is not that during the thesis of Thereseen I’ll be sitting. If Theresa fails in this regard and Jeremy has succeeded, then Theresa has to resign. Then the Prime Minister will be
Journalists from different television channels live in front of Prime Minister’s official residence 10 Downing Street. Photo: Reuters
How long can the darabarah?

At a glance of Uk Elections

After facing the most difficult test of political life, Theresa May is going to get the permission of the queen to form the government. Democratic Unionist Party will support him. Take a look at what is happening around this election in the UK:

Total voters are 4 crore 68 lakh 43 thousand 896.
The vote was 68.7 percent.
Total seats 650
For the majority, the government needs 326 seats alone.
The results of all seats without Kensington seat are revealed. No party gained majority.
The Conservative Party got 318 seats. Total votes are 1 crore 36 lakh 50 thousand 918 (42.45%).
Labor Party got 262 seats. Total votes are 1 million 28 lakh 58 thousand 644 (39.99%).
There is no intention of resigning Theresa Mar. In the meantime, the party reached an agreement with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) to form a government. Theresa looks at the queen for the formation of the government.
Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) got 10 seats. Total votes are 2 lakh 92 thousand 316 (0.31%).
Labor Party leader Jeremy Kelly said the result was “incredible”. At the same time, Theresa called for resignation.
The Liberal Democrats got 12 seats. Total votes are 23 lakh 67 thousand 38 (0.51 percent).
The Scottish National Party got 35 seats. Total votes were 9 lakh 77 thousand 568 votes (3.04%).
Paul Independen’s resignation as the United Kingdom did not win any seats.
Labor leader John McDonald said his party would form minority government
Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has been defeated in his seat.
The Conservative Party has re-elected Sir Vince Cable