Most of the people love to have tree in their property for a lovely greener look, shade. Keeping the trees in right condition could be challenging sometimes. Some people end up spending a lot to trim remove tree. If you don’t hire right person or company tree removal cost in Boston could be very expensive.

The weather and land in Boston are really suitable to a different kind  of trees and shrubs, and common trees and shrubs include magnolias (grandiflora), lindens (tilia vulgaris), locusts (robinia pseudoacacia) and gingkoes (ginkgo biloba). Magnolia trees and shrubs can develop from 30 to over 100 legs, plus some of the tallest in Boston average 80 ft. These trees and shrubs are easy to develop and are relatively pest-free.

Key Factors of tree removal cost in Boston MA:

Actual cost of tree removal in Boston MA depends on various aspects such type and size of tree, where its located. Some tree removal takes longer hours due to it’s size of heights , branches, roots, distance from nearest building  and  access to it . The tree removal professionals have to take some precaution if the tree is located closed to a building and other establishment. Those could cost you more than one located in a clear location.

Average Tree Removal Cost in Boston:

Small Tree removal cost:

In current market range of small tree removal cost is $ 170 to $320. Usually tree under 30 feet long considered as a small tree. If the branches of the wide spared than it will cost you some extra and considerable matters might influence the price. Actual cost can be estimated after a proper viewing of trees by an expert.

Medium Tree Removal cost:

A tree between 30 to 60 feet tall, are considered as medium size tree. The trees within this range can cost on an average $650 which could be up to $800 due to its location, actual size and other variable factors. Still this price could vary by person to person or company to company.

Large Tree removal cost:

The trees above 60 feet tall are considered as large trees. Some trees are quite big could be more than 80 feet long. Like small and medium range of trees the large and extra large tree removing price could be varied due to it’s location and other considerable matters. This kind of trees could cost $800 to $2500. A tree under 80 feet average removal cost is $1000 and larger than 80 feet could cost $2000 on average. Again it’s really important to have a proper look on the tree and it’s surroundings to get a conclusive price for removal.


To remove an unwanted tree we should consider hiring a reliable and experienced company or professional. You might want to get some feedback from your neighbors, colleagues or relative. Some time online feedback might come handy to understand reliability of a tree removing company. Otherwise you might end up wasting your time and money.

On the other hand the cost of tree removal can vary a lot by it’s height, health, access location and other considerable matters.  An exact quotation can be get by proper estimation by an expert.


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