Rocky Mountain from the Baltic Sea

The cathedral was over but there was a displeasure in the mind. In these religious institutions, I really created many questions in my mind, whose answer was never found. Let’s worship at the place of worship and go back and get involved in violence. Come again again. But why come? Is it only for the sake of self-interest, in the hope of salvation from all wrongdoing, crime and immoral activities? Or, after the death, many luxuries, such as Aparsara and Hoorpuri, where the luxury arrangements are there? Is it so easily available? Is it easy to get rid of all the wrongs, unethical work, harm done in human welfare? If it is so, then man can not be prevented from doing any of these deeds on any given day. And the peace that we see will never be fulfilled. It seems that every teaching should be taught from every house of worship, which means that the criminal should be punished according to the seriousness of the crime that he committed. The crime is not freed. In reality religion can not discipline all human beings. It is not possible because every society in every country requires the law courts so much that it would not have been possible to govern the country without the court’s law. Depending on religious conduct and discipline, the overall prosperity of a country is never possible. Since this fact was realized by the intellectuals in the beginning of human civilization, they did not assign the responsibility of governing the country on religious rule.

Neutrality does not look good in anything, if there is not a diversity, many good humorous fantasies can lead to unhappiness; On the other hand, there is no way of understanding what the doctors and grandfather and our leader Chitra Boudi all leave in company with all the plans in the open market. This historic open market is one of Helsinki’s most interesting and important issues, especially to tourists. So it must be there immediately. Otherwise know what happens. In fact, the tension in the stomach, whether it is anything or not, is to find a way out. This market is the best place to find ways, eating food and buying. We went to the cathedral, passing the light sloping trail behind it. But when we came down the stairs took us straight to High Street. After crossing the road again, the charming Peninsula carries the corner of the beautiful ornamental harbor, from which there is no problem getting the sight of our carrying tank. That’s the cruise ship terminal. And there are some structures that have been built around the terminal, which is a way of entertaining foreigners – foreigners. Here, another circular circle continues like a law-like ii. However, it seems to be a little smaller in size than the law. Whatever tiny or taller it is, the taste of climbing will not be complacent. It has long been understood because of shortage of time.

To say that we came to the market. There is a lot of talk about this market. It can be compared to the rural-Bangladesh weekly market in Bangladesh. There is no permanent shop except for two, as there is no permanent store in the village-ganj. Every day the shopkeepers sit in tents and wait for the buyer. Or try to attract buyers to call the buyers. Here is the same picture. The differences are just different countries, different cultures and different events. One thing to mention is that cleanliness All things are arranged in a tidy way, which is a wonderful example of civilization.

This market square is called a phonetic language, and it is no doubt that this market is also one of the most interesting places of Finlay – Central Square and tourists. It seems like the people of Ananta here have seen the meeting. Who is busy trying to buy his favorite accessories, and we turn around and show the market well. The market is not such a big thing, but signs of diversity are obvious in the combination of product content. Nothing was done to buy. However, as soon as it came out of the temporary hotels of the food to return, suddenly it seemed as if Madhya Pradesh was already empty. Without waiting for the belly, you will not mind. I concentrated on food selection with deep concentration instead of thinking about other thoughts. If you see different types of flavors and tasty food in these temporary food shops, hunger will soon come. Besides preparing ready-to-eat foods, hot food is also available. Not everyone knows the name of the food, but I did not make mistakes in my appearance with the two items to see my favorite hot fish, but with different salads. There is no way of taking enough care about food. Without any hesitation, the quality of food here is good and good. Good day fish fishes are really delicate for filling fish, especially those who are fans of fish. Not everyone is a fan of fish, but very few people in this temporary hotel were found to be absent from the fish. But whatever I say to the fish, my weakness is from that childhood, whether it is fishing or eat, there is no shortage of interest in both. This is not the one who laughs at the other two. While working in the United States of Tanzania, my local colleague said, ‘Das is you fish edged’. Usually we could not find fish in the place where we worked on the rehabilitation of refugees in Rua-Burma border. But one week in the Lake Victorian delicious three to four kgs of fresh weight