Qatar is the richest country, poor Africa republic

The high-rise building is being constructed in Qatar’s capital city of Doha
Qatar, the richest country in the world, retains the top position as the richest country in the world. And the fate of becoming the poorest country is the Central African Republic of Africa. Global Finance Magazine has selected these two countries as the world’s richest and poorest countries on the basis of GDP per capita and purchasing power parity.

Bangladesh has 143 of the 189 countries in this list. That means 46 percent of the world’s poorest countries are in the middle and 142 steps from the richest Qatar country, Qatar is behind. Bangladesh maintains its position as a low-income income country.

Considering the creation of a list of the most wealthy and poor countries, the size of the gross domestic product (GDP) calculated on purchasing power parity (PPP) According to the list, the size of GDP per capita per PPP is as high as the country in which the country is as rich. According to the ‘World Economic Outlook’ report published by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) till October 2016, the report was compiled by calculating per capita GDP in PPP dollars of each country.

To compare economies of different countries, the size of GDP is calculated based on PPP. PPP is the exchange rate of any country’s currency, which is different from the current market price. Suppose, a group of products and services can be purchased with 100 taka in Bangladesh, which costs US $ 2 to buy. As such, the exchange value of money with US Dollar will stand at 50 rupees. That is, 1 dollar is equal to 50 rupees in PPP

Explaining the rich country elections, it has been said that the best way to understand how very rich a citizen of a country is, how much their purchasing power is. It is assumed that the citizens of one country are able to fulfill all the needs they need to live their lives.

According to the report, now Qatar’s people’s per capita income is 1, 29, 000 dollars. Despite being able to hold the top position as a wealthy country, Qatar’s per capita income declined by $ 15,000 in last one year due to the high oil prices. Although it is about 28 thousand dollars more than the per capita income of Luxemburg, the second richest country in the list.

Qatar’s economics in the Gulf of the Middle East depend on fuel oil. The size of GDP of just 2.6 million population is 33 thousand 393 million dollars. 85 percent of the country’s export earnings comes from petroleum exports. Qatar also has a large amount of natural gas. Along with the abundance of natural resources, Qatar has made significant contribution to the economic development of the expatriate citizens from different countries.

Qatar has been the richest country for some years. Whether it will be able to retain it in the future, it is made of uncertainty. Because Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and the seven Middle East countries have cut off all kinds of economic and diplomatic relations with Qatar. The complaints of these countries, Qatar has created territorial instability and terrorism in the Middle East. Experts say Qatar’s economy will be in a big crisis if the problem is not resolved. The development that is now in Qatar around the 2022 Football World Cup, can all be uncertain. In this case. It could risk the employment of over three hundred Bangladeshi workers working in the country at risk.

Apart from Qatar, there are five more countries on the continent of Asia in the top ten. Among them, Macau is third, Singapore fourth, Brunei Darussalam fifth, Kuwait sixth and UAE 9th. Ireland is seventh, Norway eighth and San Marino are in the tenth place.

An analysis of the list provides a common match between the top ten richest countries. The match is the United Arab Emirates, each country is very small in volume. The population is relatively less than these countries. Just as San Marino’s size is only 61 square kilometers. The population of the country is more than 33 thousand.

All of the top ten of the poor countries in Africa are on the continent. The Central African Republic, which has one number, has a per capita income of only $ 656. The remaining countries in the top ten are Congo, Burundi, Liberia, Niger, Malawi, Mozambique, Guinea, Eritrea and Madagascar respectively. Of these, Congo’s per capita income is $ 784; Bururi 818, Liberia 882, Niger 1 thousand 113, Malawi 1 thousand 139, Mozambique’s 1,228, Guinea’s 1 thousand 271, Eritrea 1,1321 and Madagascar $ 1,504.

In addition to the natural resources of Luxembourg, Singapore and Switzerland in the top ten, the financial sector is another major source of income. Money being trafficked from different countries can be easily placed in these three countries.

Top 10 Rich

Qatar, Macau, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, Kuwait, Ireland, Norway, United Arab Emirates and San Marino

Top 10 poorer

African Republic, Congo, Burundi, Liberia, Niger, Malawi, Mozambique, Guinea, Eritrea and Madagascar