The proper rules of facial care in skin care

There is no alternative to skin care. The need for healthy and beautiful skin is regular facial. But if you do not have the right way, it can be a threat to the skin. False facial wrinkles or skin scars may also appear when facial falsifferent. So it is important to know the exact rules before faking it.

First wash the mouth before cleansing and take the hot vapor first. This will help to open your face loamers. Once the vapor is taken, then clean the mouth with the cleaner. You can clean the skin by milking cotton.

Cream massage
Take 10 minutes of facial cream to massage the skin lightly.

Now rotate the face with a scrab and rotate it. Then remove the face with a warm towel. For the bright skin rice powder, suji or sugar can be the best scrab.

Make a dense mix by mixing grocarous juice, one cup of oatmeal and one tablespoon of curd together. Now put this mixture in the mouth and wash it with warm hot water for thirty minutes.

Mix half the lemon juice with a white egg white and wash it in the mouth for 20 minutes.

Take a tomatoes well. Make a pack with semi-teaspoon honey mixed with. Regular use of this pack will cover all of our skin scars.

Toner can be made by mixing equal amount of vinegar and rose water. Which is very useful in increasing the skin’s brightness. Apply cotton to the face of the toner but do not get screwed. Do not touch your eyes. Prepare any mask of this stage at this stage.

Soak 1 spoonful of green tea in boiling hot water. Take 2 tablespoons of Maltani soil in 1 bowl. Add 2-3 tablespoons of green tea. Remove the cover of the aloe vera and extract the juice. Now mix the mixture of Maltani soil and green tea. Put the pack for 20 minutes, then wash the face with clean water.

Grab a granule, take out the juice from it, mix one spoon of sugar and keep it refrigerated for a while. Wash the skin for ten minutes after washing it. Sugar juice has a very good skin, so the skin is smooth and brighter.

Heat the two-legged lentil dough overnight and bake the lentil bell in the morning and mix a little milk and mango oil into it and make a mixture. Wait ten minutes for this pack. Now wash the rub with water.