NASA in the deep sea to succeed in the Mars mission

NASA astronauts have started an operation in the deep sea to make the mission successful in Mars. A group of 22 members of NASA have been formed to complete the operation in the deep sea. A special professor of the university is also a professor. Everything that is needed to be in space in this special deep sea expedition will be seen to be examined.

It will also be seen considering the trials in space, as well as the time it takes for space communication in this special operation. This NASA astronaut will also be tested on the effect of special ketogenic diet.

According to a special NASA report, the special campaign will begin from 18th June in the Atlantic Ocean. This experience of working under the sea will be the same as working in space, NASA scientists say.

However, on this mission special doses have been given on the diet. This special diet is able to burn all the fat in the body. This special diet is able to hold an accurate metabolic rate on the body. And it also helps to protect DNA.