Kitt Harrington was scared!

Do not be afraid when Kit Herrington dies. There is no spiritual power! He can also come back from the death of death. He died in the fifth season of the Game of Thrones series and he returned to the sixth season. But in that season really was afraid of the series ‘John Snow’.

In the sixth season of Battle of Bastard, Kate was very scared to shoot the war. In a conversation with Belfast Telegraph, he recently recalled the experience of the terrible war. Said, ‘I am afraid of a lot of things. Spider is one of them. But most people are most afraid of hugging together. I was very afraid of the crowd. It’s a terrible and bad situation, when 15 Irish people will flatten you. “Kitther Harrington was talking about his chaos in the crowd during the war. The situation was such that he would move towards the crowd slowly down the crowd. He had to try hard to get up from there. Those who saw the Sixth Season’s Battal of Bastard, they must have captured the scene of a scene.

The seventh season is going to start soon. The serial made on George R. Martin’s novel is popular in the world, including the United States. The new season will commence in HBO on July 16. From the 18th of July it will be seen in Star World and Star World HD in India.