KFC sandwich going to space!

For the Fried Chicken, Sandwich and Burger, the multinational chain company KFC famous. But this is not just the world, space can be found in the space of this institution made food. As part of the promotional work, the KFC made Sandwich is being sent from the United States to space. A video created on this has already become viral on Twitter.
NDTV Online reports that this sandwich will not be sent to any spacecraft or rocket. Rather it will be used for a large balloon. A company named World View will help in this work.

KFC has announced that ginger-ginger chicken sandwiches made for space travel will be made. Sandwich will travel to space on any of June 21 or later. The idea of ​​directing the event is going on.

This promotional activity has been named, ‘Zinger One Space Mission’. It is said that the sandwich will go straight to space. Special boxes have also been made to carry it.

KFC says the sandwich will be between 60 to 80 thousand feet in height of the stratosphere surface for four days. Since the stratosphere is considered to be the closest zone to the space, the sandwich is being sent there.

World View Co-Founder Tiber McCullum said such a project was previously thought to be unimaginable. It will be possible to run a new type of promotion of products.